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A ice cold glass of fruity gin cocktail.

China Town

la recette

Seven ingredients and you’re heaven-bound.

Muddle a couple of kumquats and oranges along with the syrup.

Add a few gently squeezed coriander leaves and the crushed ice, gin and lime juice cordial.

Top with ginger ale.

les Ingredients

20ml Teisseire Passion Fruit

10ml Teisseire Lime

40ml Gin

120ml Ginger Ale

Kumquat, Oranges & Fresh Coriander leaves

Crushed Ice

Expertly made with...

Les Fruits

Passion fruit

A ripe tropical fruit flavour. It tastes sweet and tart, all at the same time. A rich intensely flavoured sirop with plenty of texture and a long-lasting exotic note of passionfruit at the finish too.